Welcome to Ecolog Homes

Welcome to the Ecolog Homes Pty Ltd website. We construct 6 star green rated properties by utilising innovative and modern technology in conjunction with natural and eco friendly construction materials.

We offer you the choice of using our preferred range of innovative timber and insulated concrete construction materials or conventional construction materials, however we will only ever use our insulation products as they have been proven to be more efficient at reducing the penetration of temperature and sound than standard insulation products on the market today.

Additionally we only ever utilise double glazed windows and incorporate solar energy and water recycling systems into our designs. Surprisingly you will find that the cost to construct one of our 5 star green homes is equivalent to that of building a home with standard construction materials.

When building with Ecolog Homes Pty Ltd you have the choice of using one of our standard building plans or we will assist you in designing your perfect residence with the reassurance of knowing that you are doing your bit for the environment every day.

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