Foamplex Insulation

Compressed Polystyrene is a light porous material consisting of hydrogen and carbon atoms. Polystyrene foam is commonly used in industry, manufacturing and construction as a thermal insulation material.

Under pressure, high temperatures and oxidisation polystyrene foams and forms Foamplex which is then used to form our construction products.

The use of Foamplex products is very extensive, from foams to light structural elements used in construction, with the structure of the compressed foam providing its unique insulating properties and strength.

Therefore Foamplex is one of the best insulating materials on the market today and outperforms its rivals in its quality when matched against its price per unit as opposed to all other products. It performs particularly well in areas with harsh and humid climates and possesses extraordinary strength, making it perfect for construction use.

Foamplex is a flame retardant material and is therefore safer in the event of a fire. When it combusts  it chemically breaks down into carbon dioxide and water which in turn starves the flame of oxygen and therefore does not allow the fire to spread.

The main advantages of Foamplex are :

  • Low thermal Conductivity
  • Is a flame retardant
  • Low cost
  • Can be cut to exact geometric dimensions
  • High compressive strength and flexibility
  • High noise Insulation
  • Low water absorption co efficiency
  • Diffuses water vapour
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Low weight
  • Easy transportation
  • Greater Energy Efficiency (Heating and Cooling)
  • Savings due to lower energy consumption

Teplofol Insulation

Teplofol is a new innovation in the manufacture of insulation for residential, industrial and warehousing facilities. This product deflects approximately 97% of heat. Teplofol is manufactured from polyethylene foam and a highly polished Aluminium Foil and is a flexible and lightweight construction material.

Teplofol is used for effective sound and heat insulation in various types of construction including residential, commercial and industrial premises. It is utilised as insulation in floors, ceilings, ventilation and air conditioning systems, hot and cold water systems, and provides very effective protection from heat in the roof cavity.

Teplofol has a wide range of applications :

  • Wall Insulation of buildings
  • Roof insulation
  • Floor insulation
  • Reflective insulation in radiators
  • Isolated rooms such as Bathrooms and Saunas
  • Insulation for air conditioning systems
  • Heat and sound insulation in motor vehicles


Application Temperature                                       -60 °C  to +100°C

Reflecting Thermal Radiation                                Up to 97%

Water Absorption                                                   Maximum 0.7%

Coefficiency of Thermal Conductivity                    0.037-0.038 W/m°C

Sound Absorption                                                   At least 32dB

Chapel Compressive strength of not less than     32 dB