Solar Energy

We have made our products for those people who are interested in protecting nature and its resources by using devices that are eco-friendly in sustaining our daily work. If we become less dependent to the fossil fuels we might have a chance of protecting the environment that is already suffocated by some of our industrial activities.

Solar Power

It is very important to understand what the solar power is and how it works, in order to collect and give utility to this energy in the most efficient way. Sunlight is turned into electricity by the solar cells also known as: photovoltaic or photoelectric cells. For example: in a sunny climate one can produce solar power to run a 100w light bulb from one single square meter of solar panel. Solar power may be used to heat water in your home (through glass panels situated on your roof) and eventually to use less gas to heat your entire home.
Battery chargers, hand-held calculators, and solar powered garden lights may use successfully solar power.

Among the advantages of the solar energy are:  no costs and there are no fuels, waste, or pollution expelled. Solar energy may be very useful in small villages where is difficult to draw energy from elsewhere. Solar furnaces are used to concentrate energy absorbed with mirrors strategically placed.