The world is your oyster when you select your unit final look and finishes. Leave it natural clad in any number of different materials to add your own personal stamp to your home

We will carry out a site inspection, which enables our architects to assess access, passive orientation, design, and siting options. Equipped with this information, we will then develop a concept design that will best integrate with your site and requirements.

One of our design team will then meet with you to discuss the site findings, your in-depth visions for the project, and help you source and compile inspiration photos and other resources so we can design a home that is perfect ‘you’. After this meeting, our architects will generate a design proposal that will be presented to you in four weeks’ time.

Our architects will take the proposal and work collaboratively with you to further develop and refine your concept design, consistently ensuring it meets your needs, style, and budget.

External consultants such as geo technicians will be engaged at this stage to further inform the design. The resulting concept will then be used to obtain energy ratings and permits.

All our buildings are designed around a central goal of reducing their impact on the Earth. To achieve this, we employ passive design principles in all our designs.

Through a considered focus on passive design elements – such as the building’s orientation, layout, thermal performance, insulation, and ventilation – all our projects achieve an exceptional sustainability standard and require minimal carbon to run.

We offer a one-stop-shop approach, making the process of designing and building a new home enjoyable and hassle-free.

With our architects and construction team working together under one roof, the process of building is immeasurably streamlined. We can also work with external architects if you would like a particular firm’s touch on your design.

Our team can coordinate any or all stages of the design and building process – from council approvals through to demolition, construction, and landscaping – taking the weight off your shoulders and providing you with just one point of contact for the whole build process.