Insulated Concrete Houses

In addition to our log homes we also construct Insulated Concrete Houses. This form of construction is a relatively new technology.

Insulated concrete forms are made from polystyrene. They are designed to hold concrete in place during the initial pour and remain in place to provide thermal insulation. The forms are stacked, much like Legos, to form the exterior walls. Then, rebar is added to give the walls strength and the concrete is poured between the foam panels.


The insulating capacity of  expanded polystyrene, coupled with the structural integrity of reinforced concrete, is a powerful combination.
These walls are stronger, safer, quieter and highly energy-efficient. It is the perfect replacement for wood framing, concrete block, traditional poured concrete walls, and any other typical material used in construction. It complies and exceeds all applicable building standards and, not to mention, is environmentally friendly. Once you have lived in an ICF home, you will undoubtedly never dream of going back to the flimsiness of a wood-framed house.
The difference quality is like comparing a Mercedes to a Kia. There are so many more reasons not to settle for just any home. You will enjoy: A high quality and energy efficient home. A sound resistant home. Lower utility bills. No drafts or cold spots. High fire resistance. Healthy air environment. Cyclone resistance. No mold, rot or decay. Lower insurance premiums Higher resale value than your neighbor’s house…
Your ICF home can look exactly like you want it to look, like any other home.From the outside, ICF homes look the same as wood framed homes since all finishes, such as brick, stucco and siding, can be used.

As a result of this technology we are able to build your dream house in a very cost effective manner, as timber frames, bricks and additional insulation are not required. In addition labour costs are also reduced as less intensive labour is required in the construction of the house.