Pre-fabricated Houses

Pre-fabricated Houses are short terminology for a prefabricated house, which simply means a house that has components manufactured in an off-site industrial facility. A prefab house is also known as a factory-made or modular home. By manufacturing a prefab house off-site, waste is reduced and less time and energy are expended during construction; plus, the slab put in for a prefab house is much easier to arrange than the foundation of a traditional home.

The benefits of buying a Pre-fabricated Houses include ease of mobility, speedy construction, and fewer expenses. Pre-fabricated Houses are usually less expensive to build and can be put up in only a few days, complete with wiring, heating and plumbing. The only thing buyers must provide for their prefab house is a plot of land on which to put it.

Each of our affordable modern prefab homes is a green solution for energy efficient living.

Our range of stylish pre-fabricated houses is manufactured in our factory in many modern and compact designs which are delivered fully complete. Upon delivery only the utilities such as power, water and sewerage require connection.


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