Squarelog Houses

Timber as a material advantageously differs from concrete, brick or carcase.  Timber houses are ecologically clean, long lastingly keep warmth, and simply just beautiful. Because of its nature timber houses require minimum heating or cooling, it especially topical in current energy price rise time. Timber house can last up to 200 years. It can equally well stand extreme cold or extreme hot temperatures.

If you are thinking about building a house without doubts you should consider a timber log house.

Laminated beam is in fact not a log at all. Full log get sliced on 5 cm planks and then get dried in a special oven and glued together. Because of planks small size they get to dry out quickly and  with no damage comparing to the solid logs.

Dense solid structure of laminated beam combines an experience of traditional timber construction with modern technology and advanced professionalism. Produced on the latest high-precision equipment in an automated plant quality laminated beam permits implementation of complex architectural decisions.

 Laminated beams are not prone to cracking, do not give settlement and do not bend comparing to the traditional solid logs. Walls and corners do not warp and stay beautiful from year to year.

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