From ancient times sauna was considered a great way to promote health and fight against various diseases. Steam is extremely useful for those who are engaged in sedentary occupations, so a visit to the saunas compensates well for the lack of movement. Visits to a saunas improves blood circulation, strengthens the immune system, increases the resistance of the body to cold, to remove waste products and toxins, normalizes lipid exchange and improves firmness and elasticity of the skin, activates oxidative processes in the body. The heat opens and clears the pores, increases the activity of all organs and systems of the body. A saunas gives a clear mind, freshness, vigor, youth and beauty!

For our Saunas we use Finish technology, traditional wood and modern electrical bath stoves. Not all kinds of timber are suitable for the high temperatures.  For the internal wall facing we use only non-phytoncide evaporated types of timber like linden tree, Canadian and Siberian cedar.

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  • Sauna 09/007
  • Single Storey House (swimming pool, connection & council and fees are not included )
  • from $59,000
  • Sauna 09/010
  • Single Storey House (connection & council fees are not included)
  • from $59,000