Timber Cladding House

Block House


Block house is a board one site of which has cylindered surface. Block house finishing ideally imitates cylindered log. In addition block house has an important advantage: it has absolutely smooth and flat surface which does not undergo deformation and cracking.

Block house finishing recently got very popular in constructions and renovations.

Block house is used for panelling of different construction materials such as bricks, concrete, beams, and foam blocks. It is used as a finishing material for saunas, steam houses, garages.

Also material has incomparable advantages towards usual linings. Finishing with block house looks more interesting; finishing of interior with block house permits to achieve log house cosy look.

Block house assembling process is no more labour-intensive than panelling with any other modern timber materials. Assembling technology is rather simple: fastening of panels with each other is made by joining grooves and slots. Separate special slots improve ventilation and decrease weight stress.

Installation of block house is additionally reinforcing the house construction. Wide panel board are used for external panelling, and narrow once are used for interiors and facades of small structures.

Block house can be made from deciduous or coniferous sort of timber; pine, spruce or larch are most popular kinds. Such panels because of presence of coniferous resins are very durable; they secure perfect hydro-isolation.  Block house finishing fill the house with pleasant odour of natural timber.


Squared beam imitation


It is profiled timber product, which has squared beam wall. It correspond a planed board with face, connected to each other by groove and slot.

Squared beam imitation is a relatively new material. It appeared on the market around 10 years ago after invention of squared beam. Squared beam has very attractive and stylish look, but its cost is very high. To combine good look with low cost there was invented squared beam imitation.



There are two types of block house and squared beam imitation  quality:

1) Class A permits solid twigs with minor defects, also healthy twigs, resin pockets, and wormholes 3 mm in width, and no more that 50 cm in length.

2) Class B assumes healthy dark twigs up to 45mm in size, not ingrown twigs up to 65 mm, and twigs with some defects and parting up to 1cm in total not exceeding one quarter of an article. In addition resin pockets up to 8 mm are permeated.