Russell Island

A striking and distinctive evolution of the classic Queenslander, this is a three
bedroom home which coexists comfortably with the elements. Raised on piers to
suit regions where heavy rainfall and runoff is a frequent event, the broad eaves,
extensive undercover decking and superior internal airflow make this the perfect
house for subtropical and tropical climates.

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1. Garage 22.20 sq.m.

2. Kitchen 12.30 sq.m.

3. Dining 22.20 sq.m.

4. Deck 44.90 sq.m.

5. Bedroom 1 15.40 sq.m.

6. Bedroom 2 13.20 sq.m.

7. Bedroom 3 15.40 sq.m.

GROUND FLOOR GFA135.40 sq.m.