Laminated timber is the result of using the most modern technologies for timber treatment. Ecolog Homes guarantees you strong and reliable wall structures.

Our logs are constructed from lamellas(layers) in lengths of 12 metres. All layers are completely dried and shaved, and are free from defects such as twigs, rot and cracks. This guarantees that an ecolog home will always have a perfect visual quality to its surfaces. This perfection can not be achieved using traditional timber.

Heat Insulation

The superiority of Timber over brick in terms of heat insulating qualities is obvious. A brick wall 1 metre thick will have a lower resistance to heat than a wall made of Ecolog Homes laminated timber one fifth the thickness.

Ecological Compatability

The glue used by Ecolog Homes to laminate our timber is a product from the Swedish Company “Akzo Nobel” and is free of toxins. Ecolog Homes laminated timber is a green product.

Our Technologies