Timber Cladding

External cladding on houses has been used over many decades for renovations and new structures. Our cladding can be used to clad brick, concrete and insulated Concrete structures. Additionally we have a narrower product which is suitable for use in interior applications. The installation process is no more labour intensive than any other cladding material. Our panels are joined together via a tongue and groove system, which allows swift assembly coupled with a perfect finish.

Our material is manufactured from both deciduous and coniferous timber primarily pine spruce and larch. Due to the presence of coniferous resins our product is extremely durable and promotes excellent water proofing properties.

Our timber cladding is available in two styles. The round log style and the square log style.

The Round log cladding is cylindrical on the external surface and upon completion the structure appears to have been constructed from actual logs. The main advantage of our product is that the surface is perfectly smooth and because it is not a weight bearing product there is no cracking or deformation over time.

The Square log cladding is manufactured to resemble our solid square log houses and is a cheaper alternative.