Ecolog Homes has specific procedures in place during the installation of our log homes. It begins with our ready to assemble design elements which greatly reduces construction time.

The components are delivered to site in transportation packaging that protects them from the atmosphere and other elements. Packaging is completed in a compact manner which reduces the number of units for transportation.


The prefabrication processes require strict controls including humidity and the linear dimensions of all logs. This means that construction on the house can begin as soon as the foundations are complete.

The foundations are laid in such a way that they govern the remainder of the construction process. A waterproofing layer is applied prior to laying the first course of logs.

The first layer of logs is known as the crown and assists in securing the individual logs of the wall with metal rods running through the entire height of the wall. The rods then become clamps when the first layer and final layer of logs are bolted securely to the rods. This process assists the snug fit between the logs and an airtight seal.


The only component of the structure that requires sealing is the corners, which are sealed with Jute (a natural fibre).

Before installation all our timber products are coated in a “Polifluid” solution to ensure the timber does not absorb moisture during the construction process.

Our homes are constructed in a strict sequence according to the numbering of each individual component. During this process we are continually monitoring the accuracy of all stages and levels during construction.

Once the ground floor has been constructed the floor beams for the second storey are embedded in special slots in the wall or on special mounting brackets. The rafters and ceiling beams are also placed this way.

Windows and doors are installed immediately after the main structure of the house is complete and are attached using a sliding fastening to a special casing attached to the logs.

Our skilled construction teams will assemble an Ecolog Home of 200m² in 3-4 weeks.